10 Home Tasks to Do Before Winter

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Winter is already here. Even the winter does not actually start until December 21, winter is already upon most of us in this country with blizzards, snow showers, and really cold weather. If you're looking to winterize your home or perform some of the more important home improvement or home maintenance tasks, here's 10 things to do before winter really hits.

#1. Test all smoke detectors and CO alarms. Check all of the batteries in your smoke detectors and test any carbon monoxide detectors or security systems. Make sure they all work in case you're going to be gone for the holidays. You'll also want to verify that they are in good working order because your furnace for heat source will be used a lot more often.

#2. Check the expiration on your fire extinguishers. Be sure that your kitchen has at least one working fire extinguisher.

#3. Maintain or service your heat source. Now, this could mean stocking up on firewood if you have a wood-burning fireplace, servicing your furnace or heat pump, or stocking up on whatever fuel your heat source needs whether it be oil, propane, natural gas, wood or electricity.

#4. Check the seals around windows and doors. Replace caulking if need be and double check the seal on windows and doors so that you don't lose any warm air out or any cold air has a chance to come in.

#5. Clean the gutters. Make sure the gutters are clear of debris and leaves so that icicles and water do not form or freeze.

#6. Reverse your ceiling fan and winterize your home. This could also mean adding weather stripping to block drafts from doors and windows or using extra rugs for a layer of warmth on the floors.

#7. Prepare for snow removal. This means having shovels, snowblowers, salt or deicers ready to go.

#8. Check filters. Check and replace the air filters on your overhead hood stove, your furnace and any other heat pump or fuel source.

#9. Winterize outdoor hoses and faucets. Make sure that all of the hoses are completely free of water so that they don't freeze and crack. Put faucet coverings overall outside faucets.

#10. Winterize outdoor furniture and barbecues. Cover up and properly store outdoor items, patio furniture, umbrellas, and grills. This will keep them looking like new for years to come.

These simple tips can ensure that when spring comes, your house will be more secure, warmer, and your items will last a lot longer.

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