3 Easy Fall Renovations to Help Your Home Sell


Selling in the fall is not impossible but it does take a little bit more finesse than in the spring, however, your competition is quite a bit less, so you do have that going for you. But, if you're planning to attract buyers and pique interest this fall, here are three simple fall renovations to help your homes sell faster.

#1. Make more fun spaces in your home.

It's okay to go a little wild with your home but within reason. People want to see that this is a fun home, a home they can play games in, entertain, and enjoy their family. If things are too stuffy and classical, it detracts from the warmth and fund that a house should be. This means getting a little bit more free with the colors, patterns, and being less concerned over what's "proper".

#2. Hands-free technology.

The more "smart" your home can be the more attractive it is for today's buyers, especially millennial's. The Ring® home security system and doorbell is a must-have and it's only about $200, which makes for an easy upgrade. The Nest® thermostat is also a good upgrade and can be controlled from your phone. This smart thermostat can regulate temperature in your home depending on when your home, around vacations, or even be mobily connected.

#3. Lighting.

It's amazing what mood lighting will do to a room. Whether it's accent lamps on each side of a couch, a beautiful nightstand lamp, or over headlamps and lights. Accent lighting can really change the whole atmosphere of a room. Take a look at the rooms that have very little or low light, what can you change or add? What about outside? Do you need directional lighting helping people up the stairs or to the front door? Every time you have a showing make sure all of the lights are on and it's nice and bright in whichever room they visit.

Selling your home this fall? Start with these easy and cheap fixes and when you're ready to list, CALL ME! Let's talk price and how fast we could sell your Columbus home.