5 Winter Home Tasks to do Right Now

Home Improvement

Brrrr.... Baby, it's cold outside! 

We are seeing temperatures in the 30s and you know it's only going to dip further. Maybe it's too late to do those winter prep tasks, but, maybe not. If the snow hasn't quite started to fall yet, maybe you should think about tackling these home tasks before winter really sets in in a couple of weeks.

#1. Check those pipes.

Now is the time to unhook all of your outside water hoses, completely drain them, store the hose, and put an insulated faucet cover over your outside faucets. This will keep things from freezing and causing more damage. To protect the rest of your house in the event of a burst pipe, consider getting a leak detection an emergency water shut off system. This can make the difference between a small insurance claim and thousands of dollars in damage.

#2. Prepare your car.

Your home is of the only thing that needs winter prep. Make sure you stock your car with everything you might need if you find yourself stuck or in a snowstorm. Make sure you have a backpack with dry clothes, new shoes, ice scraper, icemelt pellets, a spare blanket, batteries, a flashlight, and a pocket knife.

#3. Prep your snow removal gear.

We know that snow is inevitable around Columbus Ohio so get your preparation ready now. Have ice scrapers, snow shovels, a snowplow with fresh batteries a new gas, have bags of salt ready to go and leaf rake's to clear the edges of your roof. You'll want to make sure that your downspouts and gutters are clear to prevent any flooding when there is a thaw.

#4. Train your eyes for water damage.

Even if things are freezing outside, there could be parts of your house that are vulnerable to a winter storm. Mold can grow inside of the house any time of year and if there are moist areas where there's heat reaching the moist air, it's the perfect combination for mold and mildew to grow. Make sure you keep water damage from causing an air quality problem inside your home. Check your roof, any ice dams, and surfaces were water can get inside including around doors and window frames. Remove any moisture you find right away.

#5. Don't forget the trees.

Snow on your house isn't the only potential problem to your property. Unhealthy or dead trees can be susceptible to sudden branch drop or fall on your house if they're leaning your way. Just a foot of snow can topple a tree in no time so have a professional check out the trees and make sure they are safe distance away from the house and any power lines.

Just because we are checking our house for winter safety doesn't mean that buyers and sellers stop purchasing property. If you need to sell or buy a home anywhere around the Columbus real estate market give me a call. Let's go out and check out homes or let's price your home for today's buyers.