Ask a Realtor®: What Comes with the House?


This is a very common question and one that all homebuyers should be fully aware of before signing on the dotted line. What exactly comes with the house?
I can offer a blanket answer in that the contract is like the real estate Bible when it comes to the details of the transaction. Just about anything can be put in the contract as long as it is agreed upon by both buyer and seller. However, there's always things that come up that we can't cover in one simple blog post. There will always be something that a buyer will ask if it's included in the sale of the property because every single transaction and property are different.

We've had a question such as "does the carpet or tile come with the house"? This might sound like a silly question but in real estate there really are no silly questions. We want all of our buyers to completely understand what they are getting in the sale. A generalized answer is anything that is attached to the house should go with the sale of the property. This means anything that is even remotely attached such as curtain rods, blinds, flooring, light fixtures, sinks, and anything that is permanently attached to the house. Yes, you might be able to remove a bookshelf from the attached wall but if it leaves a mark or a space where there obviously was something there, that should be included in the sale.

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Sellers may want to take some things with them such as potted plants, curtains, or certain tapestries or light fixtures and in this case, they should be included in the contract. Buyers have to agree that the seller can take these items when they move. Buyers also have the ability to negotiate if they want something of the sellers that the seller would normally take with them. We've had cases where there is a backyard swimming pool that is portable and could be removed that the buyer has asked to keep. The seller would need to agree to that before they could leave it on the property at closing. There are built-in bookshelves, wine racks, closet systems and other items that can be negotiated on whether they go or stay. However, if a buyer is unsure about any item in the home or outside of the home, it is important that they ask. You never know what the seller is going to take with them and if the seller removes items that are attached to the property without the

You never know what the seller is going to take with them and if the seller removes items that are attached to the property without the buyers knowledge or agreement, the seller is responsible for replacing them.

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Again, every single transaction is different and we never know what we might come across with so many different parties working in a real estate transaction. We've had homeowners that have taken a hot tub with them and left all of the exposed wiring and plumbing behind. This obviously should of been included with the sale or at least mentioned that they were taking it with them. Not being clear and removing items or assuming items will stay can lead to lawsuits and disappointments.

Again, it is important to ask. Never feel hesitant to ask questions even if you think they are silly. As a buyer or a seller, it's important to know everything you are getting with the property.