How Much are Homes in Gahanna Ohio

Market Trends

Gahanna Ohio is located Northeast of downtown Columbus and is a very popular place to live for those that work in Columbus. Gahanna has seen an increase of about 13% or $23,000 and the median home sales price over the past year. The average price per square foot rose to $130 from $113 last year.

The median home value indexes between about 198,000 and $210,000. Economists predict a 4% increase over the next year. Currently, as of the publishing of this post in May 2017, it's a hot seller's market in the Gahanna area. Market trends are up and there are very few distressed properties on the market. The median days on the market are about 18, which is double from last month at this time. The median list price is about $239,000 with an average sales price of about $199,000.
Surrounding neighborhoods are seeing a little bit higher prices such as New Albany where the average price is about $438,000, Bexley at $321,000 and Blacklick at $242,000. Places like Whitehall and Reynoldsburg come in between $70,000 and $146,000.

The average home price for a two bedroom home is about $166,000, the average for three bedrooms is $187,000 and for a four bedroom is $258,000. These are up between 18 and 28% over last year at this time.

The highest appreciating neighborhood since the year 2000 includes the Cherry Bottom Road area, City Center, Hermitage Rd., Clark State Rd., Taylor Station Road, and Clark State Road.

What does this mean for buyers and sellers?

If you're considering buying or selling now is a great time. For sellers, prices are up and most homeowners are not underwater. If you're looking to buy it may take an experienced and seasoned real estate agent to help you find the home you're looking for and negotiate for a great sale. Because we've been doing both for so long, our agents have tips and strategies to make your offer stand out or to get sellers the most for their property. Give us a call today.