The 3 Reasons Fall is a Great Time to Buy a House


As we inch our way into Fall,  homebuyers should be aware that September and October are some of the best month of the entire year to buy a house. Here are some of the main reasons now is a great time to consider buying if you've been on the fence for a while.

Inventory is up.

Most home sellers put their properties on the market in the spring and hope to close by summer but those that didn't sell or couldn't list during these times are now listing their homes. You may actually have more properties on the market during September and October than ever before. Many people want to be able to close before Thanksgiving, Christmas or the end of the year so finding a seller that is motivated, willing to accept a lesser offer and wanting to close quickly is very practical. You may have more properties on the market right now than in spring or summer with a better selection.

Less competition.

Because it is fall, there will be fewer buyers competing for the same home. Because of this, you may also get a better deal on the same property that you couldn't afford just a couple months prior. You won't have as many buyers so you won't need to worry about too many investors were first-time homebuyers because school is already started. Many home buyers want to get everything done before school starts but those that are still on the market may find themselves with less competition, a great inventory and a great time to buy.

Rates and prices are low.

It's no secret that interest rates are still very low (even though they have been inching up for a while). But take advantage if you haven't already! This may be a great time to consider buying now. Prices are also low (especially in the Columbus suburbs). You can negotiate with sellers at this time and sellers may be dropping their price in order to get the home sold and closed before the end of the year or the holidays.

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So there are your three great reasons that September and October are excellent times to buy a house. The inventory is up, you won't have  as much competition and rates and prices will be low. Why would you wait if you've been thinking about buying? Give me a call today or feel free to browse the website for all Columbus homes and real estate - Visit