The House is Great - But Can We See it?


This post comes this week because of a popular listing in the Houston area that got a lot of attention on social media and even from local news stations around the Houston area. This is a gorgeous home with over 7400 ft.², beautiful grounds, stunning interior features and over $300,000 in upgrades. The problem? In just about every single picture there are so many manikins and artistic clutter that it's really hard to actually see the home itself.

I'm not going to crucify the seller or homeowner on this post and if you want to learn more about it there are several news pieces floating around out there.

Anyway, if you start looking at the pictures you can see that this is definitely an artist's home. There are art pieces all over the wall and throughout the home, but the problem is that you can't see the house itself and unless the homeowner is going to leave all of this stuff, it makes it very difficult for the buyer to know what they are really getting.

You are greeted at the gate by a mannequin. I'm not joking, a mannequin is actually standing at the gate waiting for you. The house itself is just stunning. Brick walls, arched doorways, A-frame peaks and more. It's just amazing. Step through the door, and you could definitely get a glimpse of beautiful floors and lots of space in 7400 ft.². There's even a gorgeous outdoor kitchen completely drenched in lush landscaping. Honestly, is the perfect environment for someone. It's got a stunning swimming pool and hot tub with lots of lush landscaping and foliage surrounding the deck.

Will it sell? It probably will, based on its viral popularity at this point. Most of the Facebook comments have people raving over the eclectic decor. Is it something that every homeowner should do? Probably not. Buyers need to see the house itself. And especially with something so stunning, so beautiful and with so many upgrades, why would you want to hide the best features of the house? But then again, maybe the homeowner didn't think that the house itself was the best feature.

When it comes time to sell your house it's important to let the house itself shine through. Remove clutter, collections, personal photos, and enough so that buyers can really see the house itself, the floors, walls, structure, and features. You're selling the house, not your stuff.